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DM - Love you, dad!
“Goodness, Olivia, you’re such a disappointment, you know that?!”
Olivia kept her eyes lowered to the ground.
“I was happy to have at least one of my twins with me, but this is how you prove yourself? By getting such bad grades?”
“You are useless, that’s what you are. And honestly, what’s the use of scolding you? You’re still a helpless child, dragging that Chinese doll everywhere with you like a five year old.”
“His name’s Yang…”
“Amazing! You can remember your silly doll’s name, but you cannot remember to study properly. Congratulations, darling.”
“But daddy, I promise I tried my best – !”
The older man suddenly gripped her arm tightly, so hard that it was painful. Olivia struggled to not cry, but the tears were almost ready to leak out.
“If this is your best, it would’ve been better for you to be born in any other family except mine.
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Shadowmancy 201 November
Shadowporting between rooms ….. sounds useful.
Yusia was obeying the teacher’s command memorizing every shadow around her. It was a good thing that she had an almost impeccable memory. She didn’t like the color of it, nor did she like the atmosphere. The room was generally not to her taste but she would only need to memorize the shadows. One shadow that particularly caught her eye was the shadow of a large pillar in the middle of the room, it cast it’s long slender shadow so perfectly that Yusia was quite impressed. Perfect!
She picked the shadow from last time’s assignment once she got back to the main room. It was in the corner and made up a triangle from the corner of the closet to the ground. It was practical enough and offered a large room to stand in. She made her way to her shadow in the classroom and stood in the middle of it, eyes closed, concentrating.
The shadow in the other room was in her mind. She submersed herself in the image of the shadow.
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Haha, sorry for not being active for a while! ;w;

My classes have started at full force, and I'm taking a while to catch up with them; so I'll be late to respond to comments and roleplays.

But I will stay online a bit to have a look at adopts and art trades/requests (those always tempt me, lol) and I'll try my hardest to regularly reply to notes, though! ^_^;
Darn, my finals are nearly knocking at the door yet again >.> 
Time to open my books for once; so expect very late replies and all that! Especially for notes, too, I might read them but respond later, I apologize. Studying always makes my head confused and stuff. xD

Until then, everybody, stay awesome! And follow the path of Meowism, too :meow:
Aah, I really apologise for not being active the past few days. @^@

I've been assigned for a group for hall decoration for one of the upcoming school events, and it sucks because I have to work on it at home as well as skip classes formally to finish the thing. :faint: The teacher wants 15 chart papers, all decorated with quotes that she'll choose.

That means that by the time I get home, I'm usually too tired to do anything except copy homework and finish other work. :saddummy: This will continue until about mid-November, so....there goes all my plans for Halloween drawings and everything down the drain. :shakefish: I feel so darned annoyed.
Yet again the mid-term exams are here...which means more study! Yay! Not. :stare:

Either way, though, since my family's finally totally supportive of the career choice I'm making; that means I gotta do my best, otherwise - let's not think about the otherwise! :dummy:
Like, honestly, I'm so happy that I get to study what I want to! I feel so damn fortunate right now :D

But yeah, apart from a few drawings that really need to be uploaded and slowly replying to everything, it's gonna be a tough month! Wish moi luck :meow:

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And really, that means a lot to me. I will try my absolute best to do what should be done, I promise. :huggle:
Thank you so much yet again. 
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Sis-Sis i have some trouble ;;u;;
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Thanks Sis!

Spirit-Of-Cat Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Aww, my dear sis, you're honestly too nice, asking me about this X3
Nephy is definitely taller than Hailee, haha! Hailee's like only 4' 10" and Nephy's like the average height..say about 5' 2" or 3"? xD
Emi and Bella are nearly the same height, but Bella looks taller because of her hair style =P
Troy's like taller as well. He's about 6' 2" and Aito's like 5' 7" XD
Thank you so much for noting all of this! You are way too nice ;v;

*huggles sister* >w<
StalkerSilvy Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2017  Student General Artist
*Sweats*Oh shiet i sketched Hailee taller than Nephy O^O"""
A-Ah,It's okay Sis ;v; Thanks for the infos! (~QvQ)~

*Huggles* >w<
Spirit-Of-Cat Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
It's alright, silly! x'D
*hugs* You're always welcome, my sweet sis <3

*pokes cheek* >:'3 Squishy little sis with squishy little cheeks, haha!
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Spirit-Of-Cat Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you so much for this art trade, your part is just too wonderful! :heart:
I absolutely adore it <33
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